On C7500/G models, Colour Correction can be applied using printer driver/utility.

There are two sRGB compliant modes available, therefore the print result can be close to that of a general LCD monitor. The proper use of these two shades depends on whether or not you pay attention to the graininess of the pure ink colour. If pure ink is preferred, then Epson Preferred is the answer.

For each, the following options can be used to enhance the quality:


This feature can be used via:

Printer Driver

In Printer Preferences, under “General” tab, select “Advanced” for the Advance Dialog box:
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TM-C7500 Series PrinterSetting

This “Printer Results adjustment” option will not be visible, if the utility is launched through Printer Driver. Therefore, Utility must be launched directly as independent.

On Windows 10, click “Type here to search” next to Windows Start button, type “PrinterSetting” and click on the PrinterSetting as shown below to launch the Utility:
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For information How to use SpotColor with C7500/G Series, please refer to the following article: