What is Spot Colour?

Spot colours or PMS (Pantone Matching System) refer to a colour or ink that has been specifically mixed and calibrated to a colour matching system such as Pantone. It is a similar process to picking out paint swatches – a colour is picked from a catalogue of PMS.

What is a Process Colour?

Spot Colour vs Process Colour

Spot Colour Matching

Why Epson Spot Color Function

What is it used for?

Spot colour will allow the user to guarantee a particular colour to be printed in a desired shade. This is critical for operations like branding, or any time you need to print a specific colour in a print set.

For example, Epson or Coca-Cola™ Logo always have specific colour as below. Companies always wanted to maintain this specific colour Shade to represent the Company.
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How to

Obtain the RGB value of the colour to be converted

Obtain the RGB value for the colour that needs to be converted / printed into a new colour

Open the image using Microsoft Paint
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  1. Click on the Color Picker
  2. Click on the colour that you want to change
  3. Picked colour is displayed as (3)
  4. Click on the Edit Colors
  5. Please note down the RGB value (R:239, G:228, B:176)

Obtain the RGB value for the target Colour

Obtain the RGB value for the target Colour

Create the Spot Colour list in the printer driver

Create a text file called “SpotColorTable.txt”

  • It can be used for solid monochrome colour conversion such as logo.
  • Up to 32 replacements can be specified on separate lines, additional lines discarded
  • There is no ON / OFF setting of the function in the driver UI. (Switches with or without SpotColorTable.txt)
  • Non numeric or incorrect format lines are discarded
  • Values exceeding 255 are divided by 256 and remainder is used
  • Driver Ver. or later (Released on Jun./19/2019)
  • Supported Firmware Ver. WAI32000 or later.


Print the results using the Spot Color List using Printer Driver


Finally, Print the results

For information How to use Windows Colour Correction Mode and Image Colour Management (ICM) for CW-C6x00, please refer to the following article: